Led by our Creative & Ergonomic Engineering ethos, Ragam Polymoulds features a wide selection of Office chairs, Cafeteria chairs, PU armrests, PU moulded foams, Accessories, and Lounge seating options that are beautifully-designed, comfortable and practical.

At the leading edge of design & development and aesthetic creativity, Ragam Polymoulds in-house design team composed of engineers from the Plastic, Mechanical and Electronic specializations, strives to ensure Innovation and Insights come together to create a product line that seamlessly blends in with dynamic office spaces and home environments.

With the “ergonomic-design meets high-quality” principle at the heart of our business, we at Ragam Polymoulds are constantly working to deliver the most relevant and dynamic solutions suited for the modern customer.

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Ragam Polymoulds

At Ragam Polymoulds, we take the art of ergonomically-designed, high-quality Professional Furniture & Accessories production very seriously. By applying the science of comfortable, ergonomic functionality to the whole scope of our product line including PU molded, flexible cushions, skin, and plastic molded components for the automobile and furniture industries, we ensure that our portfolio of solutions is anchored in outstanding aesthetics and high functional capabilities.

Spread over an expansive area, our manufacturing unit comprises an end-to-end production line integrated with modern equipment and the latest technology.

What We Offer

At the forefront of delivering aesthetic, ergonomic, and versatile furniture solutions, Ragam Polymoulds varied product portfolio is comprehensive as it is purposeful.
Rooted in product innovation, design, and creativity, our range of Office chairs, Cafeteria chairs, PU armrests, PU moulded foams,
Accessories, and Lounge seating options are ideal for the varied needs of modern India.

affordable office chairs - amul polycure

Office Chairs

Designed for efficiency and productivity, our Office chairs have been created to give ideal lumbar support & lead to a healthier workplace.

office chairs in bulk - amul polycure

Cafeteria chairs

Rugged and built-to-last, our range of Cafeteria chairs come in various designs, colours and configurations to suit your specific needs.

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PU Armrests

Designed to deliver supportive stability for the body and enhance usability of the existing chair, our PU Armrests are sturdy & adjustable in multiple directions.

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PU Foams

Designed to provide unmatched convenience, usability and longevity, our product line has found application in a wide range of upholstered furniture ranges.

Lounge seating

Made to provide utmost comfort and designed for elegance, our range of artistic Lounge chairs provides versatility and luxury in equal proportions.


Take your pick from a host of chair accessories to suit your specific needs and requirements.

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